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Wire Brush, medium abrasive for stripping, recommended for metals. Suitable to remove rust, paint and adhesions in general. Recommended for small surfaces.

  • Suitable to remove rust, paint and adhesions in general.

Recommended use: Medium abrasive for stripping, recommended for metals

Flat Sanding Block for wood and bodywork. Very flexible foam inside and adaptable to the surface.

  • Very flexible foam inside.
  • Can be used wet or dry.
  • Adaptable to the surface.
  • Medium density foam covered with silicon carbide

Recommended use: For wood and bodywork

MASILLA DE CARROCERO. Para Relleno en chapa, aluminio, galvanizado, madera ...)
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Polyester filler. Especially suitable for quick works. Excellent adhesion on metal sheet. High refilling and levelling power. Thixotropic. Easy application in areas that are hard to reach.

To even and refill irregularities of the surfaces to be painted, both metallic or made of polyester. Especially suitable for super- structures.

Cement based hydraulic blender for indoor-outdoor uses. Repairs in wet areas (bathrooms, kitchens...). Fixing sanitation facilities and plumbing. Joints between walls and floors. Flooring and flooring base. Repairs on concrete, brick and stone (never on plaster). Mixed with sand can be used for masonry work. Smooth finish. No removal. White colour

Filling of ceramic joints, terraces and floor tiles. Repair in swimming pools. Specially designed to fill and waterproof joints in floors and walls, ceramics with absorption capacity ≤ 3%, porcelain stoneware, vitreous mosaic, with natural stone platelets. Indicated to work in humid places like bathrooms, kitchens or swimming pools, in occasional or permanent contact with wate

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