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Protection and high resistance to corrosion, water and humidity. Ideal for application on surfaces of iron that will not rust or iron and Rusty type cut and other ferrous alloys, fixing rust and preventing rust stain more and not allowing the ingress of moisture and oxygen, also on metal surfaces

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Sheets Lija for the dry sanding of metals. Blue flat cloth support with aluminum oxide abrasive. Grains 40 to 220.

Type: Dry


  • More aggressive sanding
  • Sanding / Preparation


  • High flexibility: Adjusts to contours and curved surfaces
  • General use: The best value for money

Abrasive: Aluminum Oxide

Support: Blue Cloth

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Professional Sanding Block, to poolish wood, paint... Semi flexible foam inside and can be used both wet and dry.

  • Semi flexible foam inside.
  • Medium density foam covered with aluminum oxide

Recommended use: To polish wood, metal plastic, walls...

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Water-based acrylic filler (acrylic polymers). To be used indoors and outdoors. Its high flexibility absorbs alterations in the wood shape and size up to 20% caused by temperature changes. Because of its high glassfibre content, it has very good mechanical properties. High adhesion. It avoids breakage produced by structural changes

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Minis Velours, solvent-based enamels and Varnishes. Good finishing and rounded end allowing corner painting and avoiding marks.

  • Good finishing.
  • Rounded end allowing corner painting and avoiding marks.
  • Manufactured by thermofusion to avoid sewing points.
  • 100% wool, 4,5 mm