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Water-based fixative sealer, with high penetrating performance. For indoor and outdoor use. To prime surfaces before painting them. Dilute 1 part fixative with 3-4 water.

Especially suitable for:

Unsound or highly porous walls and ceilings made out of plaster, concrete or brick.

To seal or reinforce old paints before recoating.

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Quick-drying water-based primer for all kinds of surfaces. Excellent adhesion primer coat for a great variety of previously painted or bare surfaces

Protection against rust on iron surfaces. Adhesion primer for surfaces such as: galvanised (zinc plating), aluminium, steel, brass, copper, hard PVC, methacrylate, expanded polyurethane, melamine and tile. Excellent sealer for wood


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Acrylic sealer to the water,specially penetrating to fix parameters(walls,floors,etc.) in external and in interiors.Great penetration and application easiness.On the fixer to the water all the paintings can be applied to the water(plastic paintings,linings,waterproofing,etc... etc.)

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WATER BASED UNIVERSAL PRIMER FOR INDOOR OR OUTDOOR. Excellent adhesion primer coat for a great variety surface for Cement, Plaster, Pvc, Cardboard, Plaster, Iron, Temple and Wood. It has a quick drying, no odor, NO TOXIC. INDOOR OR OUTDOOR and could even be repainted with solvent-based enamels
In addition to having the Certificate of ECOLABEL.

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Transparent spray product to enhance the adhesion between plastic and aluminum parts, such as spoilers, bumpers, and the paint. A primer consisting in a high gripping acrylic composition, suitable for many hard plastics as a base before applying a traditional paint