Active filters

It is the ideal treatment for the comprehensive protection of wood. Water-repellent, quick-drying, high resistance to weathering and sun ray damage. It contains UV filters. Transparent colours that do not mask the wood natural appearance. Breathable and microproous. It allows the passage of water vapour between the inside and outside of the wood and protect it from flaking and cracking.

Waterproof protective cover for wood, to be used against bleaching fungi or bluish. Basidiomycete fungi, termites and woodworms. Penetrates easily into wood. It is a moisture regulator and provides a preparation for subsequent treatment with varnishes and finishing protectors.
For new and old non-tropical woods, it prevents the appearance of woodworm, termite and fungi. Without smell

High glossy water-based high adhesion antioxidant enamel. Very easy application on any kind of surface. Great flexibility and elastic.  Suitable for any kind and shape of materials. Once applied, it makes a  film which protects the coated items from moist and external agents. Good obliteration. Good resistance to mar and washes. It adheres to wood

Synthetic enamel. Based on high solids technology. Specially for lacquering and enamelling. Easy application, producing premium quality, fine, soft-feel satin finishes with an excellent lacquered look.. Great resistance to wearing, scratching, soaps, liqueur, juice and oil stains. Highly wash-resistant.

For indoor and outdoor use. For protecting and decorating all kinds of wood and metal.

Open pore protector (non-film form). Treatment impregnating, water resistant and water-based protective stain based on acrylic resins in aqueous dispersion and active agents. Provides embellishment and deep protection of the wood against damp, decorates wooden furniture and prevents discoloration caused by the effect of light.

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Satin finish high adhesion enamel. Water-soluble. Elastic. Very easy application on any kind of surface. Suitable for any kind and shape of materials. Once applied, it makes a protective and moist self-controlling film. Good obliteration and wearing resistance. It contains anti-mould preservative

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