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Airbrush diy for any finish.

  • Includes adjustable fluid, pattern and air controls.
  • Designed to provide equal atomization and particle size for all kinds of surface painting
  • Stainless steel needle and nozzle accommodate a variety of coatings
  • Precise air cap set
  • Light weight, ergonomic edsign and easy trigger pivot reduce operating fatigue

The most complete of the range of airbrushes. Including two sets of shutter and needle (steps of 0.5 and 0.7 respectively). Airbrush model of traditional mechanics. Suction feeding system. Double action trigger. Control of the amount of air and product.

A powerful 2000 watt heat gun. Ideal for paint removal, soldering etc. Can also be used for heating and drying various materials. The adjustable temperature is 350 ° c to 550 ° c. This powerful hot air gun from Hofftech does many different jobs: removing old varnish and paint, welding, threading of plastic pipes etc

The Preval Sprayer is an aerosol-based spray system that allows the user to mix up any paint, chemical or solution and turn it in to sprayable material through Preval’s patented Venturi Vacuum Process. This process draws the medium from the attached reservoir and delivers a professional-grade finish on virtually any surface without mixing the propellant and medium together