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One-component polyurethane varnish. Reinforced formula. Easy application. Long lasting, great hardness and resistance. Based on a high solid technology. Quick-drying. Exceptional transparency that does not alter the tones and contrasts of the wood graining. High elasticity. High wear and wash resistance. Satin finish (polished wax).  Very low odour. 

Polyurethane varnish matt  for wood. High elasticity. High wear and wash resistanceVery hard and flexible. Long lasting and high resistance to wear.

For the decoration and protection of all kinds of natural or stained wood structures

  • Indoors: furniture, doors, panelling, etc.
  • Outdoors: surfaces protected from direct exposure to the weather: balconies ceilings, pergolas, canopies, etc.

Varnish marine and high quality based on alkyd resins modified with urethanes. Resistant to the wood expanding and contracting. Finish with balanced hardness and elasticity and elastic. Resistant to the outdoors

Suitable for protection and decoracion de of surfaces on boats, wooden buildings near the sea, indoors and outdoors.

Varnish formulated with alkyd resins and ultraviolet filters that provide a high elasticity and resistance to environmental conditions of high humidity, thermal shock, the effects of the sun and wear. Great brightness retention Foreign Suitable for carpentry and outdoor furniture in high mountain areas

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