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Glossy synthetic finish enamel that is applied directly to non-ferrous metals such as galvanized, aluminum, copper and brass. No need for primer.

For galvanized garage doors, windows, doors and aluminum furniture, railings, gates, plumbing and any element of non-ferrous metal in exterior or interior.

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Metallic paint with high solid content. Direct application, no primer is needed. High adhesion. High elasticity and weathering resistance. Excellent protection and decoration for any kind of iron surface to which it provides a natural metallic finish (bluing-like).

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Water-based acrylic paint resistant to the most common household stains, super washable and able to withstand rubbing without leaving halos and shiny surfaces. Indoor spaces where a product that combines ease of application, extraordinary resistance to everyday use and a high quality finish is required.


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Waterproof protective cover for wood, to be used against bleaching fungi or bluish. Basidiomycete fungi, termites and woodworms. Penetrates easily into wood. It is a moisture regulator and provides a preparation for subsequent treatment with varnishes and finishing protectors.
For new and old non-tropical woods, it prevents the appearance of woodworm, termite and fungi. Without smell

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Indoor and outdoor satin emulsion paint. Permanent white. High covering. Waterproof, breathable and wash resistant. Good resistance to weathering and alkalis. It contains anti mould preservative. Non-yellowing.

Especially suitable to protect and decorate surfaces, where a high level of  resistance to dirt and washes is required.

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Water-based fixative sealer, with high penetrating performance. For indoor and outdoor use. To prime surfaces before painting them. Dilute 1 part fixative with 3-4 water.

Especially suitable for:

Unsound or highly porous walls and ceilings made out of plaster, concrete or brick.

To seal or reinforce old paints before recoating.