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Renews, cleans, polishes, brightens and protects. Contains silicones which repel water, dirt and dust, whereby resistance to scratching of painted, lacquered and varnished surfaces  is increased. Easy to spread and apply. Most appropriate for cars, motorcycles, furniture, doors (either enamelled or varnished), panes of glass, chromium-plated metals, plastics or electrical appliances

MASILLA DE CARROCERO. Para Relleno en chapa, aluminio, galvanizado, madera ...)
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Polyester filler. Especially suitable for quick works. Excellent adhesion on metal sheet. High refilling and levelling power. Thixotropic. Easy application in areas that are hard to reach.

To even and refill irregularities of the surfaces to be painted, both metallic or made of polyester. Especially suitable for super- structures.

Product with a high solid content with excellent adhesive power on all metallic substrates such as steel, aluminium and materials, such as plastic, wood, cardboard etc. Use the product to fill small holes, streaks, scratches, dents, cracks etc. on the surfaces that later must be sanded and painted. It features a high coverage, resistance to ageing and to corrosion

Polishing Paste for Wood, Automotive, Naval or other similar markets. Dry use. With Autogloss High-Gloss Plus it is possible to give a final finish with additional shine and an additional protective layer that provides an extraordinary appearance. This product is a complement to the polishing and finishing made with the Autogloss Compound Plus polishing paste.


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  • Reduces heat and moisture build up
  • For use with 3M™ Maintenance-Free Reusable Respirators 4000+ Series
  • Optional attachment that attaches simply and securely
  • Noticeable cooling sensation on your face as you work

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