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Water-based acrylic paint resistant to the most common household stains, super washable and able to withstand rubbing without leaving halos and shiny surfaces. Indoor spaces where a product that combines ease of application, extraordinary resistance to everyday use and a high quality finish is required.


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Indoor and outdoor satin emulsion paint. Permanent white. High covering. Waterproof, breathable and wash resistant. Good resistance to weathering and alkalis. It contains anti mould preservative. Non-yellowing.

Especially suitable to protect and decorate surfaces, where a high level of  resistance to dirt and washes is required.

VOLTERRA FINITURA MEDIO es un revestimiento al agua de aspecto difuminado con el que se consigue un acabado de pátina, presentado granulado y en colores. VOLTERRA FINITURA MEDIO es un efecto decorativo difuminado con el que pueden conseguirse efectos de profundidad con escalados de colores. Buena lavabilidad.

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High-resistance silky matt plastic paint for interior, repels stains, resists scuffing, highly washable. Especially indicated for interior spaces where greater resistance to stains and frequent washing, rubbing and glittering are required, such as for example living rooms, dining rooms, corridors.


Gilmalux Acrylic is a water enamel with resins of 100% acrylic nature to meet the highest standards of quality and performance required by the market, easy to apply and high resistance to the weather, wich makes it suitable for use at Exterior and interior, once applied and dry presents smooth and smooth completion that makes it easy to clean.