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Matt water-based high adhesion enamel. Very easy application on any kind of surface. Elastic. Suitable for any kind and shape of materials. Once applied, it makes a film which protects the coated items from moist and external agents.Good obliteration. Good resistance to mar and washes. It contains anti-mould preservative. Non-yellowing. Very washable

Water-based acrylic paint resistant to the most common household stains, super washable and able to withstand rubbing without leaving halos and shiny surfaces. Indoor spaces where a product that combines ease of application, extraordinary resistance to everyday use and a high quality finish is required.


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High-resistance silky matt plastic paint for interior, repels stains, resists scuffing, highly washable. Especially indicated for interior spaces where greater resistance to stains and frequent washing, rubbing and glittering are required, such as for example living rooms, dining rooms, corridors.


Water-based antirust varnish with forged finish, for direct application on metals, without need for primer. High resistance to rust, humidity and water, as well as excellent adherence on different surfaces. While preventing the appearance of rust, they favour the creation of a protective coating on the metal, which neutralises the formation of iron oxide

It is the ideal treatment for the comprehensive protection of wood. Water-repellent, quick-drying, high resistance to weathering and sun ray damage. It contains UV filters. Transparent colours that do not mask the wood natural appearance. Breathable and microproous. It allows the passage of water vapour between the inside and outside of the wood and protect it from flaking and cracking.

Antioxidant quick drying primer applied as additional protection to enamel on iron surfaces subjected to extreme climatic conditions, such as coastal areas of sea, high mountains and highly oxidized surfaces. For doors, street lamps, bars, railings, furniture and any iron element in exterior or interior.

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