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size : spray 400ml.
Color : Rojo Inglés
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Phosphocromatising and passivating vinyl primer with a single component for industrial use.

Especially suitable for the application of both ferrous metal surfaces and different non-ferrous alloys (galvanized, aluminum, zinc-plated ...), which present adhesion problems. As pre-treatment of blasting steel allowing different finishes (alkyd, Polyurethanes, Epoxy.)

WATER BASED UNIVERSAL PRIMER FOR INDOOR OR OUTDOOR. Excellent adhesion primer coat for a great variety surface for Cement, Plaster, Pvc, Cardboard, Plaster, Iron, Temple and Wood. It has a quick drying, no odor, NO TOXIC. INDOOR OR OUTDOOR and could even be repainted with solvent-based enamels
In addition to having the Certificate of ECOLABEL.

Product with a high solid content with excellent adhesive power on all metallic substrates such as steel, aluminium and materials, such as plastic, wood, cardboard etc. Use the product to fill small holes, streaks, scratches, dents, cracks etc. on the surfaces that later must be sanded and painted. It features a high coverage, resistance to ageing and to corrosion

Quick-drying water-based primer for all kinds of surfaces. Excellent adhesion primer coat for a great variety of previously painted or bare surfaces

Protection against rust on iron surfaces. Adhesion primer for surfaces such as: galvanised (zinc plating), aluminium, steel, brass, copper, hard PVC, methacrylate, expanded polyurethane, melamine and tile. Excellent sealer for wood


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